SDW Product Licensing

SDW’s product catalogue includes the surveys, assessments, top team workshops, and management development seminars used in Strategic Development Worldwide’s advisory services practice.

Our product focus is on effectiveness and helping align organizations and their people in achieving their intended results. SDW uses a proprietary methodology to align vision, purpose, mission, strategy and execution to produce agreed-upon sustainable results.

Our Toolkits contain individual and organizational assessments to help identify skills and strengths along with weaknesses and opportunities. They can also be linked to workshops that interactively help guide participants to performance improvement and increased effectiveness.

Today, these tools are available for licensing – either by consultants interested in using them in their own practices or companies seeking enterprise utilization.

Build your catalogue and competencies: whatever your focus, SDW’s products can fill out or complement what you’re already using – quickly, easily, and effectively.

We provide training: consultants and corporate training leaders can attend multi-day, interactive training and certification workshops.

This is the best and quickest way to grow your business or your company’s competencies:

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