Zurich, Switzerland November 8,9,10, 2018
Las Vegas, USA February 6,7,8, 2019

Be part of the discussion! Participate in the Worldwide Business Leadership Challenge to discuss the top 12 leadership challenges facing businesses in today’s global economy.

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The international network of SDWFirms and the Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland, both groups having extensive international leadership experience, are hosting outstanding academics and corporate leaders to take on the challenges facing today’s business leaders
The Worldwide Business Leadership Challenge is a membership group focused on providing research and information gathered from an ongoing series of seminars and results published from the WBLC Sessions. The top leadership challenges identified by the group will be taken on during the seminars, forming a thriving database of real time business research, resources, tools and techniques. All WBLC Sessions information, results, and updates will be available to attendee and participant members.
Presenters and keynote speakers, experts in the science of leadership effectiveness emanating from engagements in both the academic and corporate worlds will be available to lead the meetings and offer their expertise on science of effective leadership.

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Take our 5 question Leadership Survey as we begin to collect input from leaders as to what you feel are the most important subjects for research and discussion.

Scheduled Speakers


PhD, CEO and Chief Scientist for Strategic Development Worldwide.


PhD, CEO Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland


USMC (Ret.), Ph.D. Senior Advisor and Thought Leader


Senior Advisor, Strategic Development


Managing Director, Strategic Development Worldwide


Director Center of Excellence in Leadership Innovation & Quality (CLIQ)
Ras al Khaimah College of Dental Science (UAE)
Director ALSS (South Asia and UAL)

Who should attend?


who embrace business challenges through leadership effectiveness

Senior executives

who aspire to effective leadership – a stepping stone to the top

Executives, advisers and educators

looking for advance degree options in Leadership Competencies (MAS, PhD)

Membership benefits

  • Full access to the WBLC portal that provides updated business research, resources, tools, techniques and shared information on the topics identified by the membership group
  • Access to a variety of essential tools and assessments to measure and enhance leadership talent
  • Participation in the ongoing conversation by providing and exchanging input for publication on the portal

  • Opportunity to provide input and influence in choice of relevant topics for the group
  • Obtain and maintain valuable contacts with like-minded executives in a non-competitive environment who are interested in effective leadership for the success of their organization

2018/2019 Selected Discussion Topics

Results Focused Leadership in Highly Effective Organizations

  • Future leaders and their organizations will be driven by speed, quality and output. The ability to pivot and adjust to turbulence and disruption will determine their success to outclass the competition.
  • This module will provide participants with exercises and techniques that measure and enhance leadership competencies.

The Impact of Emotional Intelligence in Outstanding Leadership

  • Emotional Intelligence is the high water standard of an outstanding leader. This module explores how effective leaders employ EI within their organizations through their daily interactions.
  • Research has indicated that Emotional Intelligence counts for up to 80% of the success of leaders and their organizations. As data and events impact day to day decisions, how the Emotionally Intelligent leader manages this disruptive innovation will be one of the greatest challenges facing leaders of the future.

Leadership and Innovation

  • Managers in leadership roles and the employees they lead are key to effective execution of sustainable innovation and dynamic change. The challenge is the effective deployment of this critical asset to successfully foster, initiate and implement innovation.
  • The participants will gain new insights for individual learning and organizational growth by collaboratively using specific innovation and problem solving techniques and tools introduced in this module

Embracing Growth, Disruption, and Evolution and Preparing For Change

  • “Only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion and underperformance. Everything else requires leadership.”
  • Knowing that “We cannot solve our problems (challenges) with the same level of thinking that created them,” participants in this module will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges leaders face as they work to navigate the smooth and rough waters of change. This process will include an immersive Management Change exercise and collaborative.

Leadership, Human Capacity and the Future

  • The impact of leadership towards developing human capacities in your organization in order to meet the present needs and expectations in the near future.
  • How investing in human capacity, along with the discussion topics of leadership and innovation, Emotional Intelligence and Results-Focused Leadership affect an organization’s sustainable success.

Who We are

SDW Firms

Strategic Development Worldwide Firms, (SDW Firms) is an alliance of organizations that are positioned to be the leading resource for casinos and Tribal enterprises looking to maximize leadership effectiveness, customer service, marketing, hospitality and economic development legal consultation services.
With the addition of several broadly experienced professionals, each respected in their specific areas of practice, Strategic Development Worldwide, LLC has expanded its breadth of services to include extensive Food, Beverage and Hospitality expertise, strong Marketing and related training and performance development within the casino and gaming space, Native American Economic Development and associated services as well as an expanded International reach throughout the EU and Asia.

With decades of inside-casino experience, ROI, Inc. brings a wealth of hands-on knowledge and proven practices to the SDW Team. ROI, Inc. is led by co-founder & CEO, Todd Strusz. Todd’s results-oriented approach to marketing shapes ROI’s reasoned, strategic and data-driven philosophy that has benefited native-owned casinos throughout the United States. What makes ROI, Inc. unique is their mix of marketing and talent management services, resulting in improved player loyalty and market share, as well as increased employee performance and engagement. Combining talent management with strategic marketing programing makes ROI’s clients a force to be reckoned with.

Virtual Hospitality Group, LLC, led by Founder and Principle, Mark W. Healey, serves a broad range of complex hospitality markets in three ways: (1) as a management services provider; (2) as a design and development services provider; and (3) providing training and development for client teams. Mark brings 35 years in hospitality experience and more than 140 openings in 28 States and Canada. Projects encompass restaurants, resorts, franchise brands as well as recreation and leisure time venues. He and the VHG team have focused much of their efforts over the last decade on more than 20 Native American Resorts and Casino projects

For 30 years Strategic Development Worldwide, LLC has had a mission to help companies identify often deeply-rooted issues causing a breakdown in performance and productivity and then find strategies to resolve these issues. The goal is always to successfully develop and sustain the type of healthy cultural eco system necessary to continue to be highly competitive and highly profitable.
For more information on SDW Firms and services provided, visit


The Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland (ALSS) is an international education institution that offers continuing education, further education and post graduate advanced education. The ALSS offers courses, workshops and programs focusing on advanced studies in Leadership and Management. We offer our education activities using blended learning that combines online digital media with traditional classroom methods. Our leadership programs focus on competencies of efficient leadership that expose you to principles helpful in any career field. ALSS operates in Switzerland and throughout the world. We stand for excellence in leadership education, research, advising, consulting and coaching. We want leaders to get better, so we provide them with up to date research outcomes, practical leadership and management learning.

Prof. Dr. Fadil Çitaku is the founder and CEO as well as a professor of Leadership and Emotional Intelligence at the Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland (ALSS). Having earned his Master and PHD degrees in Medical Education Prof. Çitaku has been teaching in graduate and postgraduate programs for more than 18 years. He has experience in developing curricula and projects in Switzerland and abroad.
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