What are the 10 Key Questions that directly relate to the ongoing success and effectiveness of your Board of Directors?

The SDW Tribal Council and Enterprise Board Development Program

The SDW Tribal Council and Enterprise Board Development Program is designed for both the Tribal Council and the Tribal gaming Enterprise Board. The purpose of the program is to increase the skills, knowledge and abilities of each group to enhance overall effectiveness and develop a thorough training program and manual.

The program provides the board with the tools needed now and in the future. It is held one Saturday a month for six hours each. Following each workshop, schedules will be set for coaching discussions and follow-up work sessions.

  • 12 highly interactive workshops to fully address the 10 key questions that are critical to the success of a gaming enterprise.
  • Participants are fully engaged and utilize a “learn by doing” format.
  • Each workshop will result in the creation of a policy, process or program
  • The series of workshops result in a New Member Orientation Program and Operations Manual

Program Sessions

What is your role and what are your responsibilities?

Do you have the right people on your Board?

Are you prepared to do your job when a crisis erupts?

Does your Board really own the enterprise’s strategy?

What information do you need to effectively manage your responsibilities?

How can you use formal assessments to develop and implement policies?

Are you addressing the risks that threaten the survival of your enterprises?

How do you get the most out of your limited time?

How well do you work with activist community members and employees?

How can the Board’s self-evaluation program your effectiveness?

The SDW Tribal Council and Enterprise Board Development Program will build a cohesive and knowledgeable group ready to make focused and smart decisions. Contact us to hear more about this highly successful program!