Tiny Classroom Training

The Value:

  • Personal and professional development opportunities are great de-stressors for individuals struggling with the lingering effects of self-sheltering, and recent uncertainty. Learning provides employees a positive look forward while also developing new skills to increase effectiveness in work and personal relationships.
  • Provides an effective way for employees to develop career skills while not requiring time away from their daily job activities.
  • Your Training Executives have access to our Principle Instructors and organization.  We are available via monthly progress calls to review the dashboard reporting and recommend strategies for maximum return on you training dollars and efforts.
  • We can track attendance, upload materials, and schedule digital and one on one meetings.
  • Your firm can pick, choose, and prioritize which subjects and when learners receive them.
  • Today there are hundreds of training “solutions” available from in a wide variety of prices and packaging. Our cost per learner per course for the content delivered is offered at disruptive pricing and value for your firm.
  • No software to buy or additional materials to purchase.
  • Our platform allows your organization to gather your entire team from the safety and privacy of their phone, computer, or tablet.

The Process:

  • SDW assigns an administrator in your organization who can set up the “learning tree” for your Company.  The learning tree consists of organizing teams, team leaders and learners, and will reflect your companies oversight of the training process.
  • Assign a learner to your company’s training site on our LMS using your company email system.  Assign a learning paths which consists of multi-media courses, lessons, and modules.  The system will send each learner and invitation.
  • The learner follows a link, sets up a password, and a free DropBox account linked to their email address.
  • On the learner’s dashboard is their learning path that tracks the progress they have made toward completion.
  • All pertinent activities are memorialized in emails to the learner, team leaders and administrators.
  • Upon completion of each course the supervisor uses the training guide to work with the employee, further reinforcing the learning process.

Tiny Classroom Training is part of the Strategic Development Worldwide (SDW) Companies (www.sdwnet.com). SDW is a multi-discipline Management Advisory Services firm addressing needs in several industry sectors.