Are you playing a guessing game?

Do you know…

  • How effective your managers and supervisors really are?
  • What your employees think about customer service?
  • How your employees feel with regard to job satisfaction?
  • How effective the current internal communication methods are?
  • How employees view management and the organization?

Don’t guess – use our survey to find out!

The SDW Employee Survey For Native American Enterprises

The first employee survey specifically designed with data from Native American Tribal Casinos and Tribal Business Enterprises. Our successful survey technology, along with data from over 70,000 respondents, provide a uniquely specialized analysis from the combination of survey and cultural data.

What does the data tell us? Read our

To have a truly effective employee survey, it’s not only the questions that are asked but also how the answers are interpreted – and how that information is handled.

With more than 20 years in developing and validating surveys tailored for specific business categories and over 10 years designing surveys for tribal casinos and hotels, SDW understands the cultural and industry nuances.

The SDW Employee Survey for Native American Enterprises not only measures the current state of employee satisfaction but also uncovers any developing issues and provide a recommended course of action. A happy, motivated work force is key to any successful business ultimately dependent upon good quality customer service.

The SDW Employee Survey is highly specialized to reflect the 8 key drivers of employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity:

Working Conditions Psychological Satisfaction
Management Communications
Supervision Company Image
Work Relationships Financial Rewards

Once the survey is completed you will receive a detailed report of findings including individual survey questions and tabulated responses, free-style additional written comments provided by respondents and data sorted in ways that provide useful information.

Employee satisfaction directly reflects on customer service. Why leave understanding of this key piece to chance?

Contact us today for more information on our survey process and how it can directly improve your bottom line!