• How effective your managers and supervisors really are?
  • What your employees think about customer service?
  • How your employees feel with regard to job satisfaction?
  • How employees view management and the organization?
  • How effective the current internal communication methods are?


The Strategic Development Worldwide (SDW) Employee Survey provides the answers!

You can’t run a profitable organization and deliver quality customer service if employees are unhappy with their job. Our survey provides your employees with the ability to communicate their reactions regarding key factors. This completely anonymous survey is designed to encourage honest responses. Anonymity provides high respondent participation.

  • Ask employees what they think about the topics that affect them
the most.

  • Learn what the real issues are—and build employee trust and loyalty by addressing them.

  • Provide a clear path to exceptional customer service while reducing turnover rates that directly affect bottom line profitability.

The SDW Employee Survey is a highly specialized instrument that reflects the 8 key drivers of employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity.

  • Working Conditions
  • Management
  • Supervision
  • Work Relationships
  • Psychological Satisfaction
  • Communications
  • Company Image
  • Financial Rewards

Our successful survey technology, along with data from over 80,000 respondents, provide a uniquely specialized analysis from the combination of survey and cultural data.

This SDW Employee Survey will provide the data you need to create department-by-department baseline for improvement. Survey annually to track improvements. Responses are grouped into specific categories to view results in a variety of ways. This enables you to view your data by departmental groups—filtered by age, length of service and more!

As part of the SDW Survey process, you will receive an extensive Survey Manual to guide your survey team through the process. It includes internal marketing ideas to encourage employee participation, 
operational pointers such as workstation set up and traffic flow and report communication to managers, supervisors and the employee base.

Once the survey is completed you receive a detailed report of findings including individual survey questions and tabulated responses, free-style additional written comments provided by respondents and 
data sorted in ways that provide useful information.